What’s in the works

~What’s In The Works~

Want to read more? Let me know if you want “the rest of the story” in print. Follow this page as I share a short synopsis of each upcoming book.

Walk In Her Shoes (A Working Title) ~By Doris E. Smith

Pastor Ellen Thackery is a single, attractive clergywoman whose call to the ministry includes a passion for saving battered women and children. Elle is a powerhouse in high heels and is appreciated for her outspoken, straightforward manner; good sermons; and advocacy role. She has been dating another pastor, John Freeland, for six years and has been waiting for him to propose marriage. He gets close to asking, and then backs off and she wonders what his problem is. She wonders, but she does not push him to disclose his issues too quickly.

In the ins and outs of her daily life a variety of parishioners are brought to the forefront. Her church and the community know her and respect her. Her daily life is tinted by the way she seeks to follow God’s call and yet maintain a personal life of her own. She shows that there is merriment in the midst of the sacred and the serious. She has one big problem to which many women can relate. She has a feminine weakness for stunning high heels and can’t seem to own enough. They look good on her feet and many people check out her shoes each Sunday. Her close friends and parishioners also know she loves Earl Grey tea instead of coffee and has a favorite peach drink at the local coffee shop. They love her idiosyncrasies and zest for life.

Elle shows the reader that a woman can be strong and face life’s challenges with God’s help. She exudes a passion about the power of Jesus to change lives to lead the reader to understand that with Jesus in her life, all things are possible.

ROAD TRIP TRIO (A Working Title)~ by Doris E. Smith

Three retired women have been best friends for years; an English teacher, a photographer, and an English teacher who became a pastor. Each year since retiring they have taken a two-week vacation together. When they take off for Sarasota, Florida, in Lucille’s silver Lexus they break out the doughnuts and coffee. It is tradition. Along the way, Lucille, the retired English teacher, wants to stop and help a few high school graduates who are stranded. Kathleen, the retired pastor, hesitates to stop when they are outnumbered. Bernice, retired photographer thinks Lucille is nuts to stop. They stop anyway because Lucille is driving..

Lucille is very happy-go-lucky and takes chances a seventy-year old woman probably shouldn’t take. She doesn’t know a stranger, so the first time they go to the beach, she meets a man, Shorty, who claims to be a big oil man and he invites them to dinner. After several days, Shorty takes Lucille to the dog track alone and they disappear. Kathleen and Bernice go through all kinds of antics in the process of finding them, with not much help from the police.

Kathleen still wears her engagement ring from her beloved fiancé forty years previously. He was killed by a hit-and-run driver during seminary and she helped to solve the case. She never met another man who could hold a candle to her Tyler.

Shorty’s brother comes to find his brother. He is a tall, dark, handsome, and rich oil man who falls in love with one of the three friends. All three women have very different yet interesting personalities which blend well into a supportive trio of old friends.

Women will relate to these carefree and optimistic friends who take chances and have fun in spite of the aches and pains that come with their age.

The book has romance, comedy, and yet a spiritual tone to lead the reader to understand that life can be fun and exciting over the age of sixty, while still maintaining one’s faith and moral code. One can still find love later in life.


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